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Investment diamonds: beware of what glitters

Argyle Diamond Investments seem very attractive. Presented as a safe haven, they promise exceptional returns. These offers are actually very risky, better not to go. Investment diamonds, what are they? Companies offer you from their website, but also by phone or email, to buy diamonds, explaining that their value will surely increase thanks to strong demand.  These investment diamonds are presented as more profitable investments than bank savings products (livret A, PEL, etc.) and safer than financial investments such as shares because they are supposedly sheltered from financial crises. It is actually a high risk investment. I have been approached, should I invest? Be careful because more and more savers are contacting us to complain about the aggressive canvassing of these companies or difficulties in recovering their investment or even reaching their interlocutor. To offer you pink diamonds , which generally fall under the intermediation in various goods, companies must first have